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Welcome to TopLevel Edu App info page.
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  • Report computing for teachers - Live
  • Parents, teachers, students portal
  • Free website for schools
  • Social media marketing
  • Online store and fees payment - Being developed
  • Scratch card for result checking - Being developed
  • SMS to parents from dashboard - Almost live
  • Medical records system - Being developed
  • Free Mobile app - Being developed
  • Lots more features are coming...

Here are a few things you need to know before proceeding to signing up.

  • The app is at Beta testing stage. This means that though the app is working; there may be some bugs that we attend to as soon as they are reported.
  • TopLevel is free to use for schools having below 100 students. We will serve Google ADs to generate revenue in maintaining the app.
  • The ADs we serve are not intrusive or contain adult contents or use bad languages.
  • Schools of 100 students and above can try for one year free with ADs after which they will have to continue with a subscription plan.
  • Schools may cancel their subscription at any time by placing a cancel request in an email to Us. The terms will be communicated via email.
  • Schools using the free tier and those in trial may request custom features, however, availability is only guaranteed for paying schools.
  • We do not share schools data with third party. Your data is fully deleted upon cancellation after necessary steps have been completed.
  • The free trial and the free tier do not come with the free website we offer to paying schools, however, we will give you a website at discounted price upon request.